julio 18, 2008


Disclaimer & Warning!!! I suggest you listen to this on your PC speakers and using low volume. I’m not an expert sound editor / mixer. And this is an example….

This week has been challenging but certainly more fruitful and gratifying. I finally came up with a temporary solution for my voice, that is – I decided to have a little help from a friend named Peter. He is a Text To Speech “TTS” engine and what a relief he’s been for my voice.

Now Peter introduced a new challenge, and it was to learn a new technology, how to use it and adapt it to my needs. I have to play for a while with him and teach him a couple of things like how to pause. We work on his speech pitch, speed and yes on his pronunciation.

Then it was time to get dirty. I had to work on the music and the sound that meant editing, mixing, cutting, normalizing, noise reduction and a whole lot of other things that I can’t remember right now.

I’m going to let you hear the first “raw” going and then you’ll be able to compare it to the edited version so you can get an idea and hear the difference. Sorry to put you thru this! – But I think it’s necessary to get a good perspective of the process.

Creativity was definitely my best partner as I went along with the process. Also, the following:

1. TTS Technology
2. Text Aloud
3. WildVoice
4. FreeMusic Play
5. Audacity
6. My trustworthy Pentium II – 233Mhz / 256MB Ram (Circa 1997) that complaint all the way trying to handle it all.
7. Peter for providing me a voice that “can” be heard.
8. Meliris – for presenting me to Diego, and Diego for presenting me to Peter.
9. Rei Maldonado – EDP College Tech support for kindly allowing us to extend his work schedule – THANK-YOU! Rei.
10. Last, but always first in my heart – GOD – for inspiring me and for what a precious gift! – C R E A T I V I T Y…


Next time it will be better.

You just have to hear it…!!!





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